Bushels of blossoms in bloom!

Plum blossoms

It’s Blossom Time at Larson Creek Farm!  First to appear are the plum blossoms in front of our house, then come the cherry blossoms in the orchard, and now the apple blossoms are just starting, both in our “tame” orchard near the house and up in the meadow with all the wild apple trees.  And the fragrance is wonderful!

We’re looking forward to beginning our fourth year in the B&B business.  We hope you’ll come and spend some time with us this summer!

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Remembering a great summer!

Welcome pumpkin

Thinking back on this summer we had so many fun guests–kayakers, anglers, shoppers, hikers, beach-combers, bikers–with and without motors, porch-sitters, friends, relatives–all here to enjoy our beautiful South Shore area, followed by a comfortable night’s sleep.

It’s so amazing that people who are checking in as strangers on Friday afternoon become great friends by check-out time on Sunday.  What a great job!

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And visit Mary’s blog, Port Wing Passages, to what’s been happening around here the last few months!

Ice Caves 2014

Ice Caves are back! See them while it’s still cold!

They’re back!  The Ice Caves opened for visitors yesterday, February 27th!  Thousands of people have flocked up here already and more will come as long as the weather holds out.

The weather is changeable so for latest ice caves information, check this link.

We’re located just 18 miles from Meyers Beach so it’s an easy trip there and back.

Come up and see what it’s all about!

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And visit Mary’s blog, Port Wing Passages, to what’s been happening around here the last few months!



The ice is gone, time for a summer of green!

Larson Creek Farm - spring

The ice caves were beautiful and so many nice people stayed with us while visiting the ice caves this winter.  But now (most of) the ice is gone, and we are ready for green gardens, green grass and green leaves on trees.

Come and stay with us this summer and see what our Larson Creek Farm comfort and quiet is all about!

And…breaking news…we can now accept credit cards!

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And visit Mary’s blog, Port Wing Passages, to what’s been happening around here the last few months!

The Ice Caves are open!

ice caves


It’s been five years since the ice has been safe enough for people to make the mile+ hike over to see the ice caves along Lake Superior.  We made the trek on Sunday afternoon and it’s so worth the walk!

Drive east from Port Wing about 18 miles just beyond Cornucopia to Meyers Beach, part of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.  There will be lots of people and cars, but there are also lots of rangers and volunteers to help make it a great experience for visitors.

Bring warm clothes and have your phone/camera all charged up!

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What a beautiful autumn!


Autumn scene from along our walking trails

Thank you to all our wonderful guests who took a chance on us and our B&B in our first year of business!  With every set of guests that departed for home, we felt like we had made a set of new friends.  It’s been a great summer!

And now it’s the beautiful season of autumn with all that comes with it–colorful leaves, cooler temps, the end of the harvest for our tomatoes and potatoes, and, yes, they are even talking possible snow for this weekend!

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Summer in Port Wing


Summer is in full swing in Port Wing!  Really hot some days, kinda chilly the next, and absolute perfection in between.  We’ve been harvesting radishes, onions and lettuce, and the cucumbers, tomatoes and squash are coming soon.

Our guests are enjoying our breakfasts made with ingredients from our garden, homemade breads and condiments, and meats and other foods that we buy locally.

Come and see what we’re all about!